With the start of the new year, many of you are also implementing new company marketing plans.  And those plans can, and should, include video content in some capacity.  But what does “Video” really mean?  We’re here to help navigate that a bit.

Frequently, my discussions with clients begin with a simple request: “I need a Video”.  As the Director of Operations and Producer at Trapeze, I’m happy to hear this, but it actually prompts more questions than answers, to ensure that we can offer the best recommendations and creative guidance.

Video needs for companies—big and small—have changed greatly over the 24 years we’ve been in business.  Where video would originally fall into two primary categories, broadcast spots and corporate videos for presentations, we now have a plethora of uses, delivery options, environments, media engagement and content creation to consider. And because Video is seemingly everywhere in our world today, there can be misconceptions that creating effective Video content is quick and easy.  It isn’t.  But, with thoughtful planning, your next marketing Video project and process can be both successful and fun.

How does Video content fit within your overall marketing goals? 

It’s important to note how and why you want to use video.  Done well, Video can create that emotional response in viewers, necessary to connect with your product or service or movement.  Done poorly, it can also illicit an emotional response, but one that deters the audience you’re trying to reach and unintentionally reflect badly on your company and brand.  Production value does matter, no matter where the Video content will be consumed, and it does position your brand based on investment of thought, planning and budget.

Will the Video be part of an overall marketing campaign?

Often times, Videos are seen as a stand-alone asset.  I try to encourage clients to consider their overall marketing campaign so that any Video content created can have the same look and feel as other marketing materials developed.  Think about utilizing or establishing Brand Guidelines that include colors, fonts, logos and taglines.  All of those things you spent time and effort creating for print and graphics materials, can and should be used when creating any Video content.

How will you be utilizing Video?

When making your Video needs list, it’s important to start with “where” and “how” you will be using it.  Is it for presentational use during a live in-person presentation, or will it be sent out for viewers to watch on demand?  Will you be using Video content on your website, your company social media channels, paid broadcast media, social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and/or pre-rolls?  This impacts many factors in Video content creation including design decisions, aspect ratios, length, music licensing, talent usage and fees, and the creative content itself based on the audience you are trying to reach.  Sometimes this can be achieved with one spot or Video, but often times, you’ll find a Video campaign might be needed to reach your goals.

How Much Does a Video cost?

Video content is not something with a fixed budget or price tag, and planning ahead for your marketing needs is helpful.  Creative concepts often drive Video budgets (do we need to shoot new video, use stock footage, or is this motion graphics/animation driven?).  I often counsel clients after we’ve worked through their needs list, to either provide me their budget and I can make recommendations on what we can do within their budget, or we can work through a concept and put a production estimate together.  Either way, we will always make the best recommendation for creative value, production quality, efficiency, and meeting your marketing goals.

What’s Next?

Because this is a simplified list of a longer conversation, we always welcome inquiries, questions and creative conversations about your specific Video content needs.  But in the short term, reviewing the items above, and thinking about how you want Video to work for you, is the best next step you can take.  You can reach us at info@trapezeltd.com  We’re always here to talk Video and all things Creative Media at Trapeze.

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