March 16, 2014 Trapeze

Top 5 Reasons We Love Doing Business in Sacramento

As a video production and post-production facility, we have had the opportunity over the years to travel and work in a variety of settings. And, in the 14 years Trapeze has been in business, we have been happy to call Sacramento our home. Located in the heart of this region, in midtown Sacramento, it has allowed us to experience all that this city has to offer and be in close proximity to our clients.

Recently, during a local production we were reminded, once again, of just how great we have it here. And, because it’s always good to share those epiphanies, we’ve created our “Top 5 Reasons We Love Doing Business in Sacramento.”

Reason 1: The Talent. Seriously, we have so many creative, talented minds here. From crew and actors, to art directors and marketing gurus, we have the amazing privilege to work with high-end, down-to-earth talent without the attitude you’ll find in other area codes.

Reason 2: The Climate: No rescheduling of shoot dates due to rain, wind or snow—rarely. Maybe we deal with the heat from time to time, but when you have 269 days of sunshine on average during the year (we’ve checked our facts), it provides a good amount of beautiful work days.

Reason 3: The Geography: We know, we know…Sacramento is in the middle of everything. But seriously, we recently shot scenes at Lake Tahoe, wineries, farmland and the city in a matter of two days. You’d have to schedule a week in most other places to cover that range of land and geography.

Reason 4: Partnering Businesses: Over the years, we have found fellow Sacramento Business owners to be some of the most generous, supportive and helpful people there are. From offering up their businesses as production locations to feeding crews with little notice, their willingness to help is unmatched. And, we’ve had the pleasure of documenting so many great things businesses, their employees and volunteers do every day. We have an enormous network of super people doing super things in Sacramento.

Reason 5: Our Employees: Much of our success is due to our employees and their commitment to our vision and company. Sacramento provides a balanced foundation for our employees and their families to grow and experience things that, we hope, complement their work life.

So, thank you Sacramento. We couldn’t be happier than where we are.