March 4, 2014 Trapeze

New Features, New Faces

Spring marks a time that is often noted with organizing and renewal, so we thought it a good time to do both here on our Trapeze Website.  The first feature you’ll note is this blog—The Trapeze Post—which is now replacing our e-newsletters that we’ve been creating over the years.  We thought it would be a great way to be more timely with our outreach and ideas, as well as help de-clutter your mailbox.

You’ll also note a new page on our site where you can easily find all of the videos in our Trapeze Friday Favorites series.  These featurettes have become popular with clients, vendors and friends, and we are excited to do more to feature and bring attention to those people, businesses and organizations in our community who are doing great things and merit a little recognition.  Please share and pass along, as they are all well-deserving.

We’re also happy to introduce our newest team member, Lindsey Griffith, who you can read about on our “Team” page.  Lindsey has joined us as our new Post-Production Coordinator/Administrative Assistant and will be a huge help to us and our clients.  Don’t be shy, drop her an email or call to say hello.

And, as always, don’t forget to check back on our site often to read our new blog posts, and see new work samples and featured projects that we are working on.  We can’t post everything we do, but will certainly try to share samples of the fun and talented team here at Trapeze on our site, Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Pages.

Thanks for stopping by.