Right here

With the lengthening days of sunshine, blooming tree-lined streets, and rapidly filling parks, bike trails and sidewalks, we are truly experiencing the renewal of spring in Sacramento. Our region is ripe with both neighborhood farmers markets and the excitement of new growth and opportunities here. The anticipation is infectious and we are seeing a rising tide of regional pride, optimism and action that hasn’t been felt in a long while.

Trapeze is proud to be involved and partnering on many of these fronts and projects. As an original member of the Sacramento Regional Brandathon winning team for the “In Season” concept, to producing multiple Sacramento Region brand videos, to capturing the regional pride in both non-profit and for-profit projects and organizations around our region, it is an exciting time to be recognized for our talents and to do such important work for our clients.

And because spring is a great time to refresh and renew, we welcome you to our new website. We have new sample reels, recent work, and are featuring a fresh look.

Thanks for all of the great partnerships in both business and relationships. We look forward to growing with you. It’s awfully good to be right here in Sacramento.

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